Wan Tian Kuo

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Wan Tian Kuo was born an air-touched to a human couple in the western Shu province of the Jinse Empire, and shortly after moved to the tribal lands of Chuvashka while still an infant. He and his older sister Wan Xiulan seemed to be healthy and happy, and enjoyed the great plains. His father Wan Qiqiang was a samurai (a Jinse semi-noble warrior), and his mother Wan Zhilan was a druid. Early on in their lives, their parents attempted to teach them fundamental skills in those arts. While His sister took to being a druid like their mother, Kuo showed minimal aptitude for either. He seemed most natural at using his bare hands. Throwing fire and dodging attacks rather than blocking, similar yet different than monks. Around the time of his eighth birthday, He began to suffer from nightmares. These often woke him up from phantom pain or in panic. Common themes included a giant pillar of fire, random scenes of monsters in odd places, and his own (mostly) violent deaths. Now, his father occasionally enjoyed a glass of strong liquor after a long day and Kuo was drawn to the smell of the substance. He found that sneaking and drinking it helped to ease the terrors that haunted him. While his parents were naturally furious with him, nothing kept him from the oh so wonderful healing spirits.

Over a decade and a half later, Kuo was well adapted to wandering the great plains of the Chuvashkan territory. Loved the wildlife and making friends with them. He knew where to avoid, where the best hunting spots were for food and water. He would take things back to the tribe to sell, only caring about having enough money to buy his alcohol. Until one day he was relaxing on one of his favorite hills and watching the clouds pass by, he spotted three massive looking birds flying overhead with riders. He knew they weren't dragons (he stayed away from moving past the southern border, where dragons were more common though he's never seen one). A sight he'd not seen before, but the rumors of some western adventurers did spread through the region by that point. He didn't think much of it until a few days later when the earthquakes started. The mountain in the dead walkers land had somehow, blown up (or in). He took this as a sign to follow his gut and finally leave the region. Saying goodbye to his parents, he finally began to wander where the wind took him. Ending up in the mountains above a dwarf owned city in the Uulan Confederacy, he settled in a camp a mile or two outside and above the entrance. He took a number of odd jobs, made a name for himself as a heavy drinker among the dwarves, and landed a somewhat seasonal job of escorting a caravan to and from Rauviz. A year or two had passed as a regular caravan guard, and he was once again getting the itch to travel, and planned to depart after the last trip of the year. In Rauviz he met a few curious and strange individuals, got a new drinking buddy, and hoped they proved to be fun.

Spoiler alert, they did! Too bad he later found out his soul is on fire and keeps being reborn, and his nightmares involved watching the deaths of his past incarnations.

Appearance: Five foot eight inches tall, in sleeveless blue shirt and flowing pants. While once was barefoot, now wears somewhat bulky looking metal boots. Wild and tangled white hair, light blue skin, and grey eyes.

Bonds: His friends, the open skies, his harpy daughter Wan Chou, and fae fox Mystic

Ideals: I have a primal need to see the world. I refuse to kill anyone who can talk, regardless if they are trying to kill me or not, as nobody truly deserves to die.

Flaws: Smells like both a brewery and body odor. Doesn't like to bathe much, as he wants animals to like him more if he smells natural.