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  • Feudal Monarchy with three racially-based sub-parts (each with their own system)
  • Dragonborn are aristocratic clans. See the individual clan pages for details: Anu, Byarsh, Khor, Gal, Shakti, and Syra.
  • Orcs are tribal "flat" societies under a war-leader and shaman. See the individual tribe pages for details: Tabar, Kard, Skem, Ko, Unclaimed (Tribe)
  • Goblins are tribal and communitarian, with little structure to their society. Tribes are based on ideas and beliefs, not heredity.


See Wyrmhold Politics.


  • Dragonborn. Minority, but hold official power. Roughly 30%
  • Orcs. Plurality, but most are content to participate at the edges. Roughly 35%
  • Goblins. Roughly 30%. Little direct power, but they prefer it that way.
  • Others, including barbegazi and jazuu from the Nocthean Caldera. Roughly 5%. Somewhat second-class citizens.


See Wyrmhold Religion for more details. Pluralistic, mostly on racial lines.


  • Organized and warlike.
  • Expansionist (mostly to the Caldera, but also into Fiach Wood)
  • Innovation/tech focused.
  • Dragonborn and orcs are monogamous (or at least profess that virtue). Goblins barely recognize individuals, so they're pan-sexual.


See Lyodnoir.


Technology, metal products, and weapons.
Non-chemical dyes, spices, exotic materials and items. Luxury goods.

International relationships

  • Currently not so great. Their expansionist and militaristic have rubbed both the Crisial Kingdom (via the Horse Clans) and Byssia the wrong way.
  • Seen as warmongerers and weapon dealers.
  • Not subtle or devious. They mostly play fair, just with overwhelming force. It's said that they've lost the words "overkill" and "collateral damage" from their vocabularies.